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Global Connectivity - Simplified

PWS partners with the leading global cellular connectivity providers so that our customers can focus on building and scaling their businesses domestically and abroad while we take care of all of the complexities. With more than 700k active lines under management, we work hard to drive costs down and make sure you are on the right data plan to drive value for your organization.

When you partner with PWS you get access to all carriers in one convenient place.

Cellular Connectivity

Benefits of PWS Connectivity

Single Source

No need to establish relationships with multiple providers and carriers, PWS already has them.

Global Solution

Top tier partner with all major domestic carriers and global providers for scalable solution around the world.

Quick & Easy Deployments

SIMs available with same-day shipments and quick activations pre-deployment or through support ticket.

eSIM Options

PWS eSIM available for remote configurations/carrier adjustments without having to physically swap the SIM. 

Custom Data Plans

From pay per use plans and pooled options from 500kB to TBs and everything in between.

Simplified Billing

Simplified sourcing and billing for all connectivity needs from one trusted partner on a single monthly bill. 

Hardware Providers

Our partners

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Verizon creates the connections that shape the future. Verizon is transforming how technologies interact, setting the state for the next Industrial Revolution. Verizon doesn't wait for the future, they build it. 

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Providing connections is in AT&T’s DNA. Ever since Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone more than 145 years ago, they've been a leader in connecting people and businesses. 

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T-Mobile is America’s supercharged Un-carrier, delivering an advanced 4G LTE and transformative nationwide 5G network that offers reliable connectivity for all. 

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Sierra Wireless

Sierra Wireless Smart Connectivity delivers the best possible network coverage and eliminates local coverage gaps with multi-network connectivity anywhere in the world. Sierra Wireless provides access to over 600+ partner networks in over 190 countries.

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Vodafone is a global leader in IoT connectivity. They connect over 150 million IoT devices in over 190 countries, and that number is growing daily as they are one of the largest global IoT connectivity providers.

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Telus is a dynamic, world-leading communications technology company and is Canada's most awarded mobile network that reaches 99% of Canadians. Coast to coast in Canada, Telus provides a reliable network so no matter where you are, you'll have a strong connection.  

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PWS delivers multi-carrier connectivity through our own eSIM. Customer's no longer have to rely on a single native carrier SIM to power their connectivity. With the PWS eSIM, customers have automatic multi-carrier backup for out of band management and/or failover. 

international partners

International Partners

In addition to all of the great providers listed, PWS also has additional relationships with providers in additional countries. PWS also partners with other  global integrators to facilitate the most reliable connectivity solutions regardless of the country around the world. 

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