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Lattigo - Device Management Platform

PWS has spent years building a robust IoT device management platform that makes it easy to manage devices from anywhere. Customers call it a lifesaver. We call it Lattigo.

Lattigo revolutionizes how quickly and effectively you can take action with devices in the field by having access to key data, analytics, and powerful reports to make better decisions. 

Lattigo allows customers to manage their complex IoT ecosystems using a dynamic and customizable interface. Lattigo consolidates network management, network analytics, and billing, resulting in a comprehensive solution. 

Lattigo Key Features

Private Network Integration

Provides bi-directional traffic flow via a secure IP-Sec tunnel with each endpoint having its own unique private static IP for the highest security possible. 

Multi-Carrier Platform

All carrier data is integrated into our platform so there is a single pane of glass for complete visibility.

Real Time Data Feeds

With real-time data updates directly form the carriers, customers can understand their data usage sooner without delay. 

Custom Reporting, Analytics, & Note Fields

All fields are searchable and sortable and robust reporting tools help manage SIMs and data usage.

Asset Tracking Platform

By providing location services and cell tower locations, customers know where their devices are at all times. 

SIM and Data Management

Multi-carrier dashboard for SIM and data management all in one convenient platform. 

Restful API

Facilitates a single pane of glass for data management for customers who have their own platform. 

Hardware & Activations Ticketing System

Access to the PWS ticketing system to request help with hardware, platform, network, or SIM activations.

Integration with Device Managers

Customers who use private network can securely access their hardware device managers. 

Consolidated Billing

Multi-carrier platform for simplified billing with proactive data management to eliminate surprises on monthly bills.


Sub-Account Support

Allows customers to set up multiple users and account access permissions to independently support different users in the same account. 

Custom Threshold Alerts

Alerts can be set up for individual devices  or the entire data pool, for proactive notification of data usage throughout the month. 

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